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Mastering capabilities

Throughout the years, Safilo has built a unique heritage in the creation, production and commercialisation of glasses with different characteristics - from optical frames to sunglasses, from products with high technical content to luxury frames, from sporty glasses to ski goggles.
Today, the growth strategy foresees leveraging the skills acquired over time, technical knowledge and goodwill to millions of consumers throughout the world.

Design is a window to the world
Changes in style, consumers, growth trends on the world market and Safilo’s objective to become a global player have brought to life a network of designers, of different origins and a mix of styles, who work in 6 design studios: 2 in Padua (Fashion/Luxury), 1 in Portland (Sports/Outdoor), 1 in Milan (Mass/Cool); 1 in New York (Lifestyle), and 1 in Hong Kong (coming soon).
The designers’ varied origins bring suggestions from diverse markets and create a wealth of inspiration for different lines and styles of eyewear.

The creation process
The integration of the creative process with the production one has been tested through years of experience and success.
Trends conveyed by the design studios, together with market analysis and potential specific brand innovations, lead to the creation of model prototypes.
The research and development areas then become involved, outlining a proposal for materials and processes with various positions involved – product developer who liaises with product design, product direction, and brand direction - this then leads to the selection of CAD drawings and a request for prototypes, which are then sent for approval.
The approved prototypes pass to the industrialisation stage, where 3D CAD rendering is applied and operational (equipment) planning is carried out, this leads to the production of sales samples and the subsequent release of the first batch for production.

Windows of the world on 5 continents
Showrooms have been opened in prestigious locations – Milan, New York, London, Paris, Miami, Sao Paolo and Mexico City – for the presentation of products to clients, and to have their feedback after “touch and feel” sessions with the product. Just like the design studios, they intercept visible trends worn by different sectors of the population in various parts of the world. Showrooms allow for direct presentation to customers on all continents. In this way Safilo is always connected, end to end.

Creativity and quality: Safilo's Product School
Creativity and quality are ensured through a continuous relationship based on savoir-faire and keeping up to date with trends and developments all over the world. The Safilo Product School, marking the occasion of Safilo’s 80th anniversary, was created with this in mind. It is an apprenticeship program in the art of creating eyewear, which goes back to the best of historical Italian tradition. The artisanal excellence of the product, placed at the centre of quality modern company management, integrated on a global scale, is key for Safilo, because made in Italy starts here, with training on the job, reviving the best traditions to face international challenges.
Apprentices will be trained in product creation, from design to development, from prototyping to production, materials, quality, prices, and concept selling. The courses will be based on Safilo’s values – quality, durability, and timeless design – together with unique technical innovation, which has changed the history of the optical industry and which is present from the very beginning of collections made by the company.

Heritage to hand
The School will value the heritage of Calalzo di Cadore, Safilo’s first historical plant which today hosts more than three thousand glasses as part of the company museum, along with an archive, unique in the world, of more than 250,000 frames dating from the end of the XIX century to today.
The idea to design a digital archive for all material is currently being evaluated, with the objective of making this heritage available to all those who are passionate about the Country’s industrial history and in particular the eyewear industry.

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